Lekota Healthcare Services

Who we are

Lekota Healthcare Services is a healthcare service provider that provides qualified and experienced nurses and other healthcare staff to homes and hospitals. located in Sheffield, Lekota is loved by its clients due to the experienced staff we provide.

There is a high demand for experienced mental health, learning disability and care assistant staff in Yorkshire and East Midlands to care for people with passion. We believe that looking after these people is not only the job of hospitals or homes but for every individual who has passions and the required expertise to assist and care for them. As a result, Lekota agency was concealed to recruit experienced and passionate staff that can assist homes and hospitals provide best care service to their service users and to achieve this, we always improve our approach to ensure it is in line with the industry standard.

Our staff are well trained and re-trained consistently to ensure they are up to date with the required experts needed to execute their task and carry out their duty in line with the laws and health regulations in England. Our workforce is well trained to adapt and operate within the framework of our clients. We are qualified to handle the wide range of health care services and this is in line with our goal of coming into the healthcare services business which is to deliver excellent healthcare services to all those who will patronize our services.

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